Why dental implant bridges are better than dentures?

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Why dental implant bridges are better than dentures?

There are millions of persons in the US today who are faced with one or more dental issues. With this number constantly on the rise, the controversial topic of dental implants bridges versus dentures is one that has become as old as time itself. If you are among the millions with at least one missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row, chances are you might be stuck trying to pick out what is best for you. While you may want to consider cosmetic benefits alone, your oral health benefits should be your top priority.

Are dental implant bridges really a better way out?

You might have considered getting dentures just like every other person you know. Upon visit to your dentist, you are prompted to consider dental implants (dental implant bridges). Stuck in the middle of the boondocks? Oh well you know how they say “Knowledge is power” - here, when you come to learn the differences in both procedures, you will be better convinced on the option that should be considered an ideal choice.

What are dentures and how do they support my teeth?

Dentures consists of hard resin materials that serves as a replacement for our natural teeth and gum. Although traditional dentures help to restore our natural look and smile, support facial muscles and are relatively affordable, there are quite a number of downsides in the long run. Dentures only rest directly on top of the gums and do not have an underlying support (you know how our natural teeth have roots that are engraved into the gum and bones, dentures lack this). More so, with dentures a patient is not far from having gum irritations, there is a tendency of impaired talking abilities, there is a minimal mastication support and also tendencies of dentures falling off your mouth as they are not firmly held in place.

How about dental implant bridges?

Dental implant bridges are one of the most preferable solutions to row of missing teeth today. Before now, dental bridges were not supported by implants but thanks to advancements, a more better option dental implant bridges have been developed. Implant supported dental bridges provide long term, healthier solution for replacement of teeth. Unlike the former method of “dental bridges” where the adjacent healthy teeth are reshaped to accommodate the bridges, with dental implant bridges, dental implants are positioned into the gums that functions as tooth roots. Since the bridges are attached firmly to the implants, they are more comfortable and functional, slip resistant, creating a better chewing support. Furthermore, unlike traditional bridges where the jaw and jawbones over time shrink, leading to bone loss, wearing down of the remaining teeth or gum disease, implant supported bridges prevents these occurrences.

Bottom line - While it may seem unrealistic to take on dental implant bridges as they seem quite like a high end approach especially when you have a couple of teeth to replace. If you factor in the cost of long-term payments for replacement and restoration for dentures, a procedure that provides long lasting benefits like dental implant bridges is your best bet. Be sure to pay a visit to your dentist and work with him to help you determine which tooth replacement solution is absolutely the best for you. Looking for some of the best dentist ever? Feel free to click now.


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