Why Dental Implant Are Better Than Dentures.

There are millions of people in the US today who are faced with one or more dental issues. With this number constantly on the rise, the topic of dental implants bridges versus dentures is one that has become common. If you are among the millions with at least one missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row, chances are you might be stuck trying to pick out what is best for you. While you may want to consider cosmetic benefits alone, your oral health benefits are also a priority.

Are dental implant bridges really a better way out?

In many instances patients are left to deal with the decision between dentures or implants to replace teeth. While dentures are more economical, they are much less comfortable. Partial dentures also face the same issue. They just do not feel natural. Implants are a great solution that can help overcome many of the issues with dentures and partial dentures. Implants also help to preserve facial bone structure where dentures do not.

What are dentures and how do they support my teeth?

Dentures consists of hard resin materials that serves as a replacement for our natural teeth and gum. Although traditional dentures help to restore our natural look and smile, support facial muscles and are relatively affordable, there are quite a number of downsides. Dentures only rest directly on top of the gums and do not have an underlying support, unlike our natural teeth which have roots to support the teeth. Also, dentures have a tendency to move around, can cause gum irritation, do not preserve bone, are difficult to eat with, etc.

How about dental implant bridges?

Dental implants are a more preferable solution. Dental implants preserve bone, leading to a more natural look. Dental implants do not move. One of the great advantages of dental implants is that they can have a crown attached or can be attached to a denture. There is great versatility in their use. They can provide year of comfort and chewing at a level that dentures alone just cannot.

Bottom line – Patients are happier with dental implants as they are a more natural solution for tooth loss. They can provide years of use. Talk with us today about whether or not you would be a good candidate for dental implants. Looking for the best dentist ever?