People who have suffered from teeth loss due to several reasons resort to dentures. These appliances take the place of the missing tooth and boost your overall appearance. However, just like your natural teeth, dentures also require proper care and maintenance. Certain measures have been listed in this blog to help you in your denture care.

What are Dentures?

A denture is an apparatus that serves as the replacement for your lost teeth. They exist in two variants: Complete and Partial Dentures. Complete Dentures are recommended when all your teeth are missing. And as the name suggests, partial dentures are used when there is a partial loss of teeth. These have the potential to become your replacement set of teeth and help you take good care of your teeth

Effective ways to Maintain Dentures

You might need to resort to dentures if you are suffering from cavities, gum disease, or any sort of trauma. Once you start using them you need to maintain them and keep them in good condition. Let us see how you can achieve that.

Handling Dentures

You always need to handle dentures with utmost care. To prevent them from falling off, stand over a soft towel or a sink submerged in water while handling these appliances. Remember that they are brittle and can break apart easily. Proper handling will help your dental health and dentures as well.

Clean your Dentures

Clean your dentures regularly using a brush with soft bristles. Using a brush with hard bristles can damage your denture extensively.  However, while brushing it refrain from using toothpaste. They are corrosive and can harm your teeth. Additionally, floss it just like you would floss your teeth regularly. We eat a lot of acidic food in our daily life which can impact our dental health causing plaque and tartar. Flossing would help to get rid of plaque buildup. Be gentle while you are brushing and make sure you clean all the grooves. This will prevent the formation of stains. Along with this also rinse your dentures in water after every meal.

Denture Cleanser

You can also create a cleaning solution with handwash or dishwashing liquid. Please do not use household disinfectants as they can be too harsh and damage your tool.  Do not bleach your denture as it might whiten the pink-colored part of the appliance. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner for your denture. It is a device that contains a cleaning solution. However, it must complement regular brushing and flossing of your dentures and not replace them.

Take care of your Dentures when not in Use

Dentures should be moist all the time to retain their shape. When you are not using your dentures soak them in a cleansing solution or in plain water. If they contain metal attachments then avoid doing this as it might cause your dentures to oxidize. In such cases visit the dentist for suggestions to clean and maintain your dentures. Never put them in hot water either as they might bend and get distorted.

Don’t miss your Dental appointments

Dental appointments are extremely imperative for the proper maintenance of your dentures. The dentist will check if they fit perfectly and also check for signs of bacterial infections. The dentist will also thoroughly clean and disinfect your dentures and make them spick and span. You should also discuss with the dentist if you have any concerns with your dentures.

These tips to care for your dentures will help you get maximum results out of them. If you live in Norman, OK, and want to get dentures then you can visit us at Brammer Dental and opt for our services.