Let us take a look at what is phobia. In simple terms, a phobia can be defined as the unreasonable fear of something. We all have at least one or more one phobia. Similarly, there are people who have a phobia about particular dental equipment or activity. This particular phobia keeps these people from getting proper dental treatments. Extreme cases of phobia about dentists or dental clinics force them to suffer from a multitude of irksome dental conditions like uneven teeth and infected gums. This phobia is popularly known as dental anxiety nowadays. There are special tactics and procedures developed by dentists, enabling them to treat patients with dental anxiety. 

What Is Dental Anxiety? 

Dental Anxiety can be defined as the feeling of dread, nervousness, or stress of a patient in a dental setting. It can be related to specific triggers like dental settings or equipment. Several mental health or psychological factors may be responsible for the creation of this kind of problem. However, dental phobia and anxiety are two different things. It takes a lot of time to overcome dental phobia, whereas dental anxiety is much easier to overcome. 

Surprisingly, dental anxiety is very common in individuals of different ages. The foolish act of avoiding your dentist results in the deterioration of your oral health. It can result in a sudden dental emergency which will consist of invasive and complicated treatments. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what dental anxiety is and how it is caused. Psychological therapy along with regular visits to your dentist may help in treating this particular phobia and make the patient comfortable in a dental setting.

What Are The Causes of Dental Anxiety?

These days, dental anxiety is posing a serious threat to the dental health of people. In order to overcome it. In order to overcome the fear of the dentist or dental clinic, we must understand what dental anxiety really is and how it is caused. There are some people who are still unsure about whether they have this problem. You need to ask two questions. You have to ask yourself these two questions. Do you feel nervous when you have to visit your dentist? Do you always postpone dental appointments? If the answers are yes to both questions, then you have this phobia. Find out what are the causes behind dental anxiety:

  • Anxieties related to psychological conditions like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed places), and agoraphobia (fear of being in wide-open spaces).
  • An embarrassing or traumatic dental experience in the past.
  • Depression, PTSD, and generalized anxieties.
  • Experiences of getting abused by the previous dentist in some way.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Uneasiness due to the invasion of personal space.
  • Dread of loss of control.

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