root canal

Dental anxiety is one thing that many people experience while they are planning for a tooth extraction or even a root canal! It helps when you are going in for that emergency root canal, to be prepared for it.

Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for root canal therapy.

tips to follow before root canal

  1. Pain Medicine

Your dentist may also advise you to take over-the-counter pain medicine like ibuprofen. This helps to reduce any inflammation near the tooth. This should be taken a couple of hours before the root canal.

  1. Antibiotics

Root canals are most often done because of bacteria in your tooth. While antibiotics are not helpful in removing bacteria from the tooth, they can sometimes be helpful if there is a large abscess outside the tooth. In most instances, antibiotics before a root canal are unnecessary but in some cases they can be a great help!

  1. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol can reduce healing times and may affect healing after the root canal is completed.

  1. Eat a few hours before the procedure

Eating before a root canal ensures that you will have adequate nutrients for healing. Also, after a root canal the tooth may be sore and you may not want to eat as much as normal.

  1. Get a good night’s rest both before and after your RCT

A good sleep before the procedure is necessary to keep you free from anxiety. Also, good sleep can help shorten the recovery time as your body heals. As with all healing, it is important to get good rest both before and after the procedure.

  1. Keep those ice cubes ready

After the procedure, your mouth will be numb, for a considerable amount of time. Applying ice to the affected area (though from outside, on top of your cheeks) helps reduce both pain and swelling.

  1. Ask questions!

Do not hesitate to ask questions! Root canals are not typically painful. While soreness may occur after the procedure, it can be managed. Here are some things we do at Brammer Dental to help make your visit comfortable.

  • You will be adequately numbed so you do not feel us working
  • You are allowed to wear headphones to take your mind off the procedure
  • You have an option of different sedation techniques to ease your anxiety
  • You will be given both pre-operative and post-operative instructions as necessary
  • We will work with you to manage any post-operative pain

People tend to worry about root canal therapy. We find, in our experience, that people are surprised at how easy the procedure was for them and that it was painless. Beinig prepared before going through root canal treatment can keep anxiety away. Please let us know if you have any questions!