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Did you know? Most adults worldwide fear to go to the dentist. And when we say “Most”, we mean “most”. As per a study published by Dental Products Report (DPR), 61% of people worldwide suffer from dental anxiety.

“The biggest percentage of people (39 percent) are afraid of the pain, followed by the smell of chemicals (24 percent) and the sound of the drill (21 percent). A smaller part (7 percent) said they’re afraid of being stuck in the dental chair, while others said they’re afraid of having to keep their mouth open for a long time (5 percent).”

However, with sedation dentistry, dental anxiety is a thing of the past. Here’s why you should not fear to visit the dentist if he offers sedation to his patients:

1. A painless dental procedure

Sedation dentistry can help you undergo an absolutely painless dental procedure. It lets you relax your nerves and undergo your dental treatment with minimum discomfort. As a matter of fact, visiting the dentist has never been so relaxing!

2. Quicker treatments

Sedation dentistry gets rid of your gag reflexes. Patients who have gag reflexes not only face troubles getting their dental treatment done, but also keep the dentist from going properly about the dental treatment.

Once your gag reflex stops coming in the way, the dentist can efficiently proceed with the treatment and you can get off that chair much quicker!

3. Lesser appointments

With sedation dentistry, you’d need a lesser number of appointments. Since sedation dentistry makes dental procedures progress quicker, more work can be completed in one single visit. Thus, long procedures would need a much lesser number of appointments.

4. Improves oral health

You must be wondering what sedation dentistry has to do with good oral health. Of course, it does! When you have no fear of going through trauma at the dentist’s clinic, you feel more confident about visiting the dentist.

Wouldn’t you visit the dentist twice a year for your regular check-up if you knew that it wasn’t going to hurt?! Yes? That’s how your oral health would improve as a result.

5. No trauma 

Numerous adults stop going to the dentist after a traumatic experience that they’ve had at the dentist’s clinic. Sedation dentistry spares you from this trouble. You just walk into the dental clinic, walk out, and forget pretty much everything in between!

To further ease your dental anxiety, you need a dentist who understands your needs. That’s why it’s so important that you choose the best dentist for sedation. You get the best dental experience from your sedation dentist in Norman OK by scheduling an appointment.