teeth straightening with dental braces
Image Source : Authority Dental

Dental braces can change the life of many patients, including you and your family. Not only children but also adults also enhance their smile with the aid of orthodontic appliances (braces). Although modern dental technology has many devices for teeth straightening too, the benefits of orthodontic braces (brackets) are unique. Here we will explain the advantages of traditional braces.

How do braces work?

Getting dental braces for yourself or your child generally involves:

  • An oral exam – A thorough examination of the full mouth, i.e., your teeth, jaws and mouth is done in order to determine the degree of misalignment that your teeth have.
  • X-rays. X-rays are taken help of in order to determine the position of teeth in relation to the joint and underlying bone. A panoramic X-ray will show all the upper and lower teeth, their biting position and whether any teeth are still developing within the jaws.
  • Dental Models – Impressions are taken in order to create stone models. At Brammer Dental, these impressions and models are often digital so no impression is taken in the mouth.

The timing of orthodontics is specific to each person. For children this may be before or after all permanent(adult) teeth have erupted.

The benefits of wearing orthodontic braces

  • For more complex problems – Traditional braces are used to address complex orthodontic malocclusions, ones that cannot be corrected by the use of clear aligners. Your dentist can help you determine which appliance is best in your case.
  • They help prevent gum disease  – While we often think of braces being used to straighten teeth, there are many more advantages that just the aesthetics. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and therefore, easier to keep for a lifetime.
  • Are not removable – Unlike clear aligners, braces are not removable. Although brackets may “pop” off, they are not taken in or out. This alleviates any issues with patients forgetting to put aligners back in after taking them out.

 A final note on Braces

While brackets are a great service, sometimes patients are unwilling to places metal brackets on their teeth and we understand! We have other options such as ceramic (tooth colored) brackets and aligner systems which can work in many situations. If you are interested in braces or aligners, mention this post for a free consultation and $1000 off you orthodontic treatment!*

*may not be able to combine with insurance