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Braces for Children/Teens

Much of our confidence is tied up in the appearance of our smile. A simple fix or a full smile makeover might just change your life. Are you ready?

What’s involved when a child gets braces?

The dentist initially conducts a visual examination of the child’s teeth. This will be accompanied by panoramic X-rays, study models (bite impressions), and computer generated images of the head and neck. These preliminary assessments are sometimes known as the “planning phase” because they aid the orthodontist in making a diagnosis and planning the most effective treatment.

In many cases, the dentist will recommend “fixed” orthodontic braces for children. Fixed braces cannot be lost, forgotten or removed at will, which means that treatment is completed more quickly. Removable appliances may also be utilized, which are less intrusive and are generally used to treat various types of defects.

Brackets can often be placed within the week and the case started. We are excited to work with you and your child in reaching your goal of straighter teeth and great smile!

Advantages of using braces for children

  • Straighter teeth build confidence
  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean and keep for a lifetime
  • Possible reduced discomfort from bite problems
  • Forces in the mouth are equalized which helps decrease chances of problems with your teeth
  • Our system causes minimal discomfort
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braces for kids in norman ok

Here is a brief overview of some of the main types of orthodontic appliances used on children:

  • Fixed braces : 
  • Braces are comprised of brackets that are affixed to each individual tooth and an archwire that connects the brackets. The brackets are usually made of metal, ceramic, or a clear synthetic material which is less noticeable to the naked eye. After braces have been applied, the child will have regular appointments to have the braces adjusted by the orthodontist. Orthodontic elastic bands are often added to the braces to aid in the movement of specific teeth.
  • Retainers : 
  • Retainers are typically utilized in the third phase (retention phase). When the original malocclusion has been treated with braces, it is essential that the teeth do not regress back to the original misalignment. Wearing a retainer ensures that teeth maintain their proper alignment and gives the jawbone around the teeth a chance to stabilize.

If you have questions about braces for children, please contact our dental office in Norman, OK.