Clear Aligners Invisalign

How Do Clear Aligners (Invisalign) Work?

Have you ever wondered what clear aligners are?

Clear Aligners are an alternative method to braces and are composed of material similar to clear retainers that gradually straighten teeth. What’s good about clear aligners is that they are transparent and are almost undetectable unlike wires and brackets. They are more comfortable and also removable in nature so that the person with clear aligners can take them off and enjoy eating without being burdened by metallic braces.

Q. How do clear aligners work?

A scan of your mouth is taken. This scan is then sent to a lab which makes the clear aligners. A preliminary digital plan is put together and then modified until the desired outcome is reached. At this point, the aligners will be made and the patient will work through the series of aligners.

Q. What are these aligners made of?

They are constructed for a medical grade dental type of plastic. These are virtually invisible when worn by the patient.

Q. How often are these worn and taken off?

Each set is worn for approximately 2 weeks. They are worn for most of the day.

Q. How long will the treatment last?

Most treatments are between 9 and 15 months. Some cases may be shorter or longer.

Q. How do clear aligners straighten teeth?

The clear aligners move teeth by putting a gentle force on the teeth and slowly move the teeth as each set of aligners is used.