Fluoride Treatment
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It is commonly known that fluoride helps the tooth fight cavity. Cavities once formed need to be dealt with other treatments. Fluoride treatment at Norman, OK is precisely a preventive measure for cavities rather than a corrective one. In this post, let us find out why fluoride is effective in protecting your teeth.

How is fluoride obtained?

Fluoride is a compound that is naturally found on the earth’s surface. Fluorine is a negatively charged ion found on earth. Ion – which is the charged particle of an atom, cannot exist all by itself. Therefore, it combines with the positively charged sodium and exists as the compound fluoride. Therefore, when these negatively and positively charged particles meet, cavity fighters are born. Hence fluoride is considered to provide your tooth enamel with a protective shield.

Fluoride was discovered as early as the 1930s when it was found in the drinking water of many communities who tended to have fewer cavities. Later on other studies concluded the same thereafter dentists at Norman, OK recommend drinking water to be supplemented with fluoride for the common residents of a region.

What are sources from where fluoride can be obtained?

It has been observed that when fluoride is consumed by children it helps strengthen the development of their permanent teeth. The supply of this mineral to your teeth may be in several ways:

  • Fluoride is absorbed through saliva while taking certain foods or drinks that have fluoride content.
  • Topical fluoride treatments ad on to the fluoride needs of your teeth in order to strengthen the enamel.
  • It can be further complemented with fluoride toothpaste that helps mineralize the teeth.

Fluoride treatments are usually followed by advice from your dentist Norman, OK to avoid certain foods and drinks for up to an hour at least. The teeth need some time to absorb the treatment that has been applied. Avoiding those specific foods and drinks for a while makes the fluoride more effective as it has been better absorbed by your teeth. The list of eatables to be avoided are typically the ones that stain your teeth, like hot beverages, chocolates, sauces, crunchy food and so on.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned sources, there are some foods that contain fluoride. These are namely – eggs, fish and meats.

A professional fluoride treatment

 You must have heard about this procedure but is not quite acquainted with how it is done at your dentist’s office. Here is a brief explanation of the same. A professional fluoride treatment is applied in the form of a rinse that is highly concentrated, a gel, varnish or simply a wash. In case of a gel or varnish, your dentist uses a cotton swab, brush or tray. Trays may be customized such that the fluoride touches every part of your tooth enamel. The application process might merely take a few minutes. But you need to strictly adhere to the restrictions for at least half an hour thereafter.

In short, fluoride cannot repair a decay, but it can prevent one. Regular dental check-ups help your dentist at Norman OK to predict chances of cavities if any. If chances of cavities are detected a fluoride treatment might be recommended. Sometimes, even a medical history of your teeth help determine the probabilities of a cavity attack on your teeth. Thus sharing your dental history during regular check-ups is important!