dental implant

Many people and forums have educated you about the great benefits of dentistry. Some may even have communicated misconceptions about implants. With these 4 incredible facts about dental implants, we take you closer to this concept and unleash some precise information.

Titanium Implants Are Unbeatable!

You may wish to rethink somewhat if you have read about zirconia implants that are as good as titanium implants! Keep reading and you could get an idea if you haven’t learned of zirconia implants yet. Zirconia implants are relatively new and come in one piece. Two things are said.

First, they have not been in the market for long enough to show the durability of titanium implants against proven durability. Furthermore, because they come in one piece, it would be hard for an oral surgeon to fit the implant with your teeth. That combination gives you a strong Green Signal to choose titanium implants over zirconia implants, eyes closed because they are costlier than titanium implants!

There’s no best candidate to get dental implants

One common belief is that you’d better pick dentures against implants if you’ve lost too much of jawbone. Time to debunk it! You get a metal frame under your gumline that acts as the jawbone to protect the implant for subperiosteal implants. This is less difficult compared to bone grafting. However, even if you have lost too much jawbone, both procedures can get you implants.

Are they stronger than your natural teeth?

How often did you read that dental implants are better than your natural teeth because they are made of titanium? This is essentially what some dentists sometimes tell their clients. So, check the time for certain misinformation!

A dental implant has a compressive force of 182 MPa and natural tooth dentine and enamel compression strength are 384 MPa and 297 MPa respectively. Your natural teeth are therefore certainly stronger than any dental implant. But there’s certainly one thing! These are much stronger and longer lasting than any other dental reconstruction.

Is there a perfect age to get dental implants?

Okay, maybe not if you are old (that you are if all your teeth are lost). Nevertheless, dentures are still not the best option for those people, who have a lot of life ahead! It would only take 4 implants to recover all the teeth in either jaw with All-on-4 dental implants. So eight implants restored your full smile! You thought 32 of them were needed? Ideally, we can also eradicate any misconceptions to help you assess yourself, apart from disseminating valuable information on implants.

Now that you know that dental implants are the best restoration you’d find for a missing tooth, get a dental consultation with your nearest dentist open today in Norman OK!