Dental emergencies do not come with any proper warnings. Wondering what to term as a dental emergency? Our dentists at Brammer Dental are going to help you with that today! We have listed several probable situations of dental emergencies following which you should rush to your nearest dental office. Your favorite Norman dentist has got your back!

Broken Tooth

Your teeth could break for a variety of reasons, including an accident or an injury. The crack, on the other hand, has the potential to spread and cause significant destruction to the area. It is best to treat your fractured tooth as soon as possible. Rush to your emergency dentist in Norman and give it the attention it requires. 

Dentin Sensitivity

Do you get a painful jab in your mouth whenever you eat something extremely hot or extremely cold? This rattling pain is commonly referred to as dentin sensitivity, and many of us dismiss it. Thinking about why your teeth are so sensitive? It occurs when your enamel is rapidly eroding exposing your dentist. If your special toothpaste stops working, then it is time to visit your emergency dentist in Norman.

Teeth That Are Moving

Do your teeth appear to be wobbly? Do they move quite often? It could be an indication of a deep-seated infection, which can make a huge impact when it spreads to the adjacent teeth. It is best to consult your Norman dentist to identify the cause of your shifting teeth and treat it appropriately.

Gums That are Bleeding

Increased pressure applied to your gums while brushing or flossing may cause them to bleed. If this is not the case, you must contact an emergency dentist in Norman. Bleeding gums are commonly one of the first signs of periodontal disease. If left untreated, it could result in serious medical issues in the future.

Swollen Gums

Inflamed gums are an indication of other dental problems you may be experiencing. It could indicate a root canal infection or gingivitis. Instead of guessing the reason for the swelling, make an appointment with your Norman dentist and get it treated without any further delay.

Lumps In Your Oral Cavity

Unidentified lumps are concerning and generally imply that something is wrong with your physical health. They can form anywhere within your oral cavity and cause plenty of problems. In such cases, notify your Norman emergency dentist and have it examined right away.

Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscesses can be terribly painful and necessitate immediate medical attention. You might have a fever, severe tooth pain, and nodules on your neck. These are pus pockets that can worsen and spread to other parts of your mouth. These may also have an effect on the bones, resulting in jaw-joint disorders. The infection has the potential to spread throughout your body, affecting your overall health. In such cases, you must act quickly and bring it to the attention of your emergency dentist in Norman.

We hope this blog has provided you with some clarity on dental emergency situations. Looking for the best emergency dental services in Norman, OK? Contact us at Brammer Dental and seek premium dental care.