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Replace Your Missing Tooth with restorative dentistry

How Restorative Dentistry Replace Your Missing Tooth?

Restorative dentistry as the term itself suggests is to restore something which has gone wrong within your oral cavity. Restorative dentistry ideally deals with correcting any dental condition that can cause harm to an individual. Having a healthy dental condition is important in today’s age of increased life expectancy. Dentists are trained professionals who can

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Clear Correct® - clear braces norman ok

How do Clear Aligners (Invisalign) Work?

Have you ever wondered what clear aligners are? Clear Aligners are an alternative method to braces and are composed of material similar to clear retainers that gradually straighten teeth. What’s good about clear aligners is that they are transparent and are almost undetectable unlike wires and brackets. They are more comfortable and also removable in

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dental implant

Why dental implant are better than dentures.

There are millions of people in the US today who are faced with one or more dental issues. With this number constantly on the rise, the topic of dental implants bridges versus dentures is one that has become common. If you are among the millions with at least one missing tooth or several missing teeth

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