9 oral care tips for a beautiful smile

While it’s easy to brush off, proper oral hygiene is an essential aspect of every individual’s overall health. By taking the time to care for your teeth, you will effectively reduce the risk of complications while enjoying all the benefits a straight, white, and beautiful smile can provide. In this article we will offer up a few help few oral health tips that dentists the world over can agree on.

  • It’s obvious, but crucial…. Take the time to brush your teeth regularly.

Make a point to brush at least twice each day. It’s the easiest, and most effective method to help ensure proper oral hygiene. Brushing helps to remove plaque, which if allowed to build up, can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

  • When brushing, choose a small to medium-sized brush with round-tipped nylon bristles.

Smaller heads will help ensure that the brush will be able to reach all parts of the mouth, including the hard to reach spots at the back.

  • Never use more toothpaste than necessary and try to avoid swallowing it.

Many dentists recommend fluoride toothpastes in order to help protect the teeth, though there are many non-fluoride types available.

  • Brush in a circular fashion

The old back and forth method is super, but you’ll end up missing large portions of the mouth. Making a point to brush in a circle ensures that each and every tooth receives the attention it deserves.

  • Floss regularly

Utilizing dental floss and tooth picks will help in the removal of hard to reach plaque and food materials. Flossing may take a while for your gums to get used to, but with a little perseverance, you will immediately notice a difference in the way your mouth feels.

  • Don’t hold onto your brush for too long

Once the bristles begin to appear misshapen and sticking out every which way, it’s likely past your replacement date. Try to switch out your brush every 3-6 months to ensure you’re getting the most out of your brush time.

  • Utilize mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash keeps your breath fresh and provides you with a little extra plaque protection. Tongue cleaners can help as well!

  • Visit your dentist at least once a year

While it’s likely nobody’s favorite trip, it’s imperative to schedule a visit with your dentist at least once (ideally twice) per year. This will allow you to address issues quickly and will likely result in less treatment overall, than if avoided for years at a time. Children should begin dental care treatments as early as possible to help promote proper oral health.

  • Watch what you eat

Sugary beverages and snacks will never help your teeth. If you insist on eating foods that are high in sugar content, try to limit your intake or designate them to mealtimes. This will help eliminate the amount on time your teeth are under attack and help you feel better in the process.

Find More Additional Tips on Practicing Good Oral Health

For additional tips on good oral health, your best option is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeff Brammer – our chief dentist in Norman OK at Brammer Dental. We look forward to meet you in person.